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Danny Marx specializes in producing weddings in extraordinary locations as well as unique weddings at top banquet halls.  We also specialize in the production of large-scale, complex events, including those that take place over several days - for companies and well-known cultural and educational institutions.  The company also specializes in small, boutique events.   In each and every event we produce - regardless of its size or scale - our focus is always uncompromising quality that results in an unforgettable experience.

The smallest event we produced was for two people, while the largest included 3,000 participants.  Within this range, we have produced hundreds of events of different scales and budgets, in various styles and locations across Israel. 

The variety and satisfaction of our clients can be seen in the many thank-you letters and testimonials we have received over the years from private clients and representatives of leading Israeli and foreign companies, institutions of higher learning, and cultural entities.   Link to customer testimonials.

Danny Marx specializes in providing creative comprehensive solutions for the production of a successful and perfect event of any kind, whether private or corporate, large or small. 






Danny is a producer with more than 20 years of experience in event production.  He is a graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, who started his career as the founder and owner of a film and production studio, before switching to event production.  

Danny personally advises the company’s clients and manages all the planning, content creation, technical, and logistics processes, as well as each and every event.  He is present at every stage, from concept and planning, through the selection and management of suppliers, to the set-up stage and, of course, at the event itself.  Each stage is handled with close attention to detail in an effort to achieve the most perfect, uncompromising results.

Alon Rosenberg

Having joined the company in 2010, Alon is a lawyer by training and a designer by soul.  Alon worked for several years at one of Israel’s top design firms and brings with him extensive knowledge and guidance capabilities in design and visibility of each event. He is also the contact person for the company’s clients, jointly advising them with Danny throughout the process. 


A former IBA (Israeli Broadcasting authority) promo director, and a present coacher and therapist, has been working for the company since 2016. She works as the office manager and as Danny's personal assistant. 

Corporate Clients